Creative Coaching
– One to One Coaching for Women –

As women, we’re generally programmed to give of our precious time and energy to others – children, partners, parents – which doesn’t always leave a lot of time for us. This course is designed for women like you who need to carve out some ‘me time’ in amongst all the busy-ness. And, what better way to invest in yourself and your own care than to explore your inner creative self. 

Are you ready to experience the complete freedom, joy and sense of well-being that making art has to offer? Are you ready to let go of your creative fears, grow in self-confidence and connect with like-minded others?

Perhaps you’re a complete beginner, or perhaps you’re already making art, but wanting to take it to the next level. Maybe you’re feeling stuck and wanting to find some personal direction. Or, maybe you’re hearing the call to create, but are held back by the fear of looking like a fool.

No matter where you’re at, or whatever your personal creative fears are, my Open Studio classes are designed with you in mind. What I offer you as a tutor and coach is experience that weaves together the threads of psychology, arts therapy and art-making. What you get in return is a creative practice that allows you to express yourself joyfully, authentically and freely.

The focus in these classes is primarily on intuitive art-making (i.e. creating from within rather than copying from an external source). I’ve found that when students are not under pressure to ‘get something right’, they have a better chance to relax and enjoy the creative process. That said, as confidence increases, some students may wish to explore working from external sources and this is perfectly okay (as a figurative painter myself in the past, I am fully able to assist you to do that).

Each session will start you off with one or two short creative activities designed to get your centred, build confidence or develop your artistic skills. After that, it’s time for you to immerse yourself in the creative process. During this time, I will be on hand to help each one of you with whatever you need – whether it be to demonstrate a technique, suggest a next step, or simply give you a boost of encouragement. At the end of the session, there’ll be time for you to develop and add to your creative journal – a key tool to document your progress, thoughts and inspiration.

I generally recommend the use of acrylic paints as your primary material because they are so versatile and easy to use, they wash up easily, and they dry quickly. In addition, they combine well with mixed media (pencils, charcoal and oil/soft pastels, inks, etc.) and lend themselves beautifully to collage work. However, if you would like to work predominantly in another medium such as oils, alkyds or watercolours, you’re most welcome and I can assist you in their use.

I hope you’ll come and join us in our warm and inviting art studio where you’ll find like-minded women – most of them beginners – discovering the joy and fulfillment that comes from connecting with their innate creative selves!

Payment Methods

(This is a good option if you cannot attend all 8 sessions, or you prefer to budget weekly)

You may pay $25 cash when you turn up to each session, or;
Deposit $25 into my bank account at least a day prior to the session (contact me and I will provide my bank account number).

(Pay for all 8 sessions which is ordinarily $200 and receive a discount of 10%)

You may pay $180 cash when you turn up at the first session, or;
Deposit $180 into my bank account at least a day prior to the first session (contact me and I will provide my bank account number), or;
Go to my online Shop, click on the 8 day Open Studio product and pay securely via PayPal.


You will need to bring your own materials with you.
Click on the printable Materials List PDF link below for the full list.

Materials List


Please contact me directly via my Contact Page to register your interest or to ask any questions.