Painting From Within
– Intuitive Painting Classes –

Are you ready to experience the complete freedom, joy and sense of well-being that intuitive painting has to offer? Are you ready to explore painting without comparison, judgement or expectations? Are you more interested in exploring your inner creative well-spring than you are having to create outcomes that measure up to others’ expectations? Then this series of intuitive painting classes is definitely for you!

These classes are specifically designed for those new to intuitive painting and painting with acrylics. You will be introduced to intuitive painting in a respectful and inspiring atmosphere along with other like-minded creatives. Within that space, you’ll be free to explore painting on your own terms, free from critique and judgement. 

Each session will include an acrylics and mixed-media technique demonstration (you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to paint intuitively). Then, and most importantly, you’ll have time to immerse yourself in painting trying out the skills you’ve learned. Each painting session will begin with a different prompt to inspire and engage. This time will be just for you – a time to be immersed in mindful creating, while listening to gentle instrumental music. After that, there’ll be some time to develop and add to your creative journal – a key tool to document your progress, ideas and inspiration.

Please bring your own materials (see below for materials list), comfortable clothing suitable for painting, and an open mind. My hope for you is that by embracing the possibility that you have all you need within, you will discover what intuitive painting offers in terms of joyful self-expression and heightened sense of well-being.

Materials List

Click on the Materials List PDF link below

Materials List


Please contact me directly via my Contact Page to register your interest or to ask any questions.