Painting From Within
– Intuitive Painting Classes for Women –

As women, we’re generally programmed to give of our precious time and energy to others – children, partners, parents – which doesn’t always leave a lot of time for us. This course is designed for women like you who need to carve out some ‘me time’ in amongst all the busy-ness. And, what better way to invest in yourself and your own care than to explore your inner creative self.  

Are you ready to experience the complete freedom, joy and sense of well-being that making art has to offer? Are you ready to let go of your creative fears, grow in self-confidence and connect with like-minded others?

Perhaps you’re a complete beginner, or perhaps you’re already making art, but wanting to take it to the next level. Maybe you’re feeling stuck and wanting to find some personal direction. Or, maybe you’re hearing the call to create, but are held back by the fear of looking like a fool.

No matter where you’re at, or whatever your personal creative fears are, these classes are designed with you in mind. What I offer you as a tutor and coach is experience that weaves together the threads of psychology, arts therapy and art-making. What you get in return is a creative practice that allows you to express yourself joyfully, authentically and freely.

The focus in these classes is primarily on intuitive art-making (i.e. creating from within rather than copying from an external source). I’ve found that when students are not under pressure to ‘get something right’, they have a better chance to relax and enjoy the creative process. We’ll be using acrylic paints as our primary material because they are so versatile and easy to use, they wash up easily, and they dry quickly. In addition, they combine well with mixed media (pencils, charcoal and oil/soft pastels, inks, etc.) and lend themselves beautifully to collage work.

Each session begins with a short mindfulness and creative activity designed to help you leave your cares and concerns at the door!  We’ll then move into a technique demonstration (I’ll show you all the basics you’ll need to get started), after which you’ll try them for yourself. Then, and most importantly, you’ll have time to immerse yourself in painting (each week I’ll give you a different prompt to get you started) in a mindful, relaxed state while listening to gentle instrumental music. After that, there’s time for you to work on your creative journal, reflecting on your experience and recording your insights and creative tips. Finally, we’ll close the session ready for you to face the world again!

I hope you’ll come and join us in our warm, intimate art space where you’ll meet up with like-minded women and discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from connecting with your innate creative self!

Materials List

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Materials List


Please contact Tutere Gallery to register your interest in the course.
You can email Kate at or call her on 0221 506 900.